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Basic information boarding school

Gymnasium Hohenschwangau is a public (US) or state (UK) secondary school offering places for boarders. About 700 students attend our school, 100 of them are boarders and live on campus. Students who complete their studies here are awarded the highest school-leaving certificate in Germany, the Abitur, which qualifies recipients for university. 

Courses of study 

There is the natural science division with English as the first and Latin or French as the second foreign language (from the 6th year on), with chemistry from the 8th year on.

And we also have a language division with English as the first, Latin as the second (from the 6th year on) and French as the third foreign language (from the 8th year on), with chemistry in years 9 and 10.

Other foreign languages can be accepted on application. 

Additional offerings 

In addition to the normal academic subjects we offer IT courses, courses in Italian and Spanish, chorus, orchestra, big band, theatre, and special sports programs, including skiing, cross-country skiing and ice hockey. 


It is our aim to give our boarders the best possible education. We also try to teach our students basic values such as tolerance, respect for others, cooperation in a team, and responsibility for oneself and the community.

We have about 100 boarders, 65 boys and 35 girls. Most of our boarders come from southern Germany, but we also have foreign students from countries in Eastern Europe or from countries as far away as Mexico and the United States.

Our boarding facilities are open every weekend between school vacations, but most students who don’t live too far away go home every two weeks. 

Tuition and school books 

No tuition fees are charged. All the necessary books are provided by the school. 

Costs of room and board 

€ 4800,00 per year

Single room: € 5100,00 per year

Further information 

Telephone: 08362 / 930050

Telefax: 08362 / 9300517

E-mail: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

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